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C550 Battery Drain Problem

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Hey all,

I've had my Orange C550 since September 2005 and have never had any issues with it till now. For the last couple of weeks the battery only seems to last around 12 hours before draining completely. It doesn't seem to be any sort of rogue application running in the background, since I've done a hard reset a couple of times, which has made no difference at all. For information, bluetooth is turned off, and the backlight is set to turn itself off after 10 seconds and the display after 30.

I assumed it was probably the battery dying since it was over a year old, so I ordered a replacement Samsung battery for it. I get exactly the same symptons with the new Samsung battery as I get with the original Celxpert battery.

Another bizarre symptom of whatever this problem is, is that the backlight seems to periodically turn itself on for no apparent reason. One of the most bizarre odities though, is that if you take the battery out for a couple of minutes, a few seconds after you put it back in, the phone will turn itself on and start booting up, with absolutely no user intervention at all.

I'm starting to think this a more serious problem, possibly with the ROM itself?

If anybody has any suggestions of things I could try, I'd greatly appreciate it as I can't really afford to get a replacement right now.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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try charging fully with the charger and not via USB while the phone is turned off, when fully charged unplug and plug in againfor a bit then try a hard reset

the phone should remember the state of the battery and be able to charge to a fully charged battery

(thats what i do when hard resetting)

my C550 battery life is between 2 and 3 days (even when in work where i dont get a signal for most of the day which runs the battery down quicker )

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