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Audiovox SMT5600 stuck on Audiovox Logo Screen

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I have an Audiovox smt5600 ATT/Cingular phone. The other day I turned it on and the device got stuck on the Audiovox Logo Screen.

What I know so far:

I have tried many combinations of with/without SIM and MiniSD card - same result - logo

I have tried to boot with and without AC adaptor connected – same result - logo

I am able to boot to the device “Rainbow screen”.


1. Has anyone seen this and have a fix ?

2. I would like to avoid flashing the ROM – due to configuration data and MOST importantly phone numbers…. (Yes, yes, I know I am ______ for not having a backup, it has been a bit of time from last backup/working active sync). Is there a way to get the phone numbers off from a “Rainbow Screen” boot (without an active sync to outlook)?



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Unfortunately the only option is to try a hard reset, this will delete the phone numbers and any applications etc you have installed.

I know it's too late this time but it is definately worth using Activesync and Outlook on the PC to back up your contact list.

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