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Cant get my version 5 USA maps working anymore

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Hi all, since I upgraded to v 5.21 my USA maps are no longer recognised . I bought a set of US maps last year when I was over there, at the time I was running version 5.0 on my mda compact and everthing was fine.

Since upgrading my phone to an mda compact III I have to use version 5.21 as version 5 will not install (even if I install using the cabs it says unsuccessful) . I contacted tomtom support but all they told me was the USA maps are not compatible with anything over v 5.0 (terrible customer service) ,is there some way I can get the USA maps to work as I am going back over in april and I am not willing to shell out again for a new set of maps. Seems like a right rip off having to buy new maps each year.

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