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Voice dial............it's missing

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Same here! ;) I got my 6910 last Friday, and can't use the damn thing in the car because of the lack of voice dialling! :D

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Sending back to Vodaphone seems a bit drastic.

In my experince you'll find out over time, that the pro's far outweigh the con's with the iPaq.

The missing voice dial is a glaring omission admittedly though. I try to avoid using th car in the phone functions in the car at all if I can avoid it.

I hook up my BT headset mainly because the unit streams the tomtom voice directions through it and therefore passengers are not subjected to every command!

I'm trying to establish whether HP will offer a WM6 upgrade.....little or no succes though.

Another crying shame is the lack of activity in this iPaq section on modaco!!. Surely there must be more users of this great device out there?

C'mon, share your thoughts everyone.

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