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Format user memory?

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Hey everyone!

I recently picked up one of these beauties on Ebay for less than £100. It was a total bargain...

But when I got it, the phone still has some of the previous users information on it.

I've looked through the menu and I can't find the 'Clear Storage' function. The only option I have is to clear the HDD, but nothing about the user memory. Will I have to go through everything and clear it all individually or is there something on the phone I haven't found yet?


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I dont understand you very good, but you can try a hard-reset. Doing that, will reset the device to new (factory), you gonna have signal , everything ok, the hard-reset will delete all the users records, files, configurations, contacts in the device, etc.

Its recommended do a hard-reset if your device is slow.

Please ask everything before do a hard-reset.

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