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Windows Mobile GameDev API Testing

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I'm a student at university and for my final year project/ own time project im developing a game development api for windows mobile which will support all 2D operations from api's such as EDGE/GAPIDRAW etc.

To the point, I need to test this api on as many devices as I can to see if it works across a nice range for my project. Naturally I cant afford to buy all the devices to test it on so im asking if you kind people would be willing to help me test, all I need is you to load an exe and some images to your device and report any problems you come across and the FPS given. The example app will just be basic, it will have a few images with some effects, fps counter and some text, some features such as vibration and screenshot from controls.

If you test can you please use the files relevant to your OS. Please could you post the device you tested on aswell as any problems you may of encountered(if any) and the average FPS.

Controls, DPAD:

UP = shutdown/close the app.

DOWN = take a screenshot in tga format, will be saved within the same folder as the exe.

LEFT = turn vibrating off.

RIGHT = turn vibrating on.

I plan to release this api for free at some point.






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Hey. Sorry this is so late. I didn't catch your post until today :rolleyes:

If you still need the information, it runs fine on my WM2003SE SPV C550. Seems to hover around the 100FPS mark.

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