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Change colours in homescreen easily

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Hey folks, nice forum :)

OK, for those of you who want different colours on your device it's fairly straight forward to change them.

i used guava scheme for an example.

These files can be located in device/application data/home.

copy guava.scheme.xml file to the desktop.

Now open this file with notepad, you will get the following:-

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

Guava Bubbles

NOTE: Only change the values that are highlighted, or the file may not work.

now, the bottom two lines that say colour name:

can be edited to any colours you want, just change the values, to get the values just search for html or xml colour codes on google, there are loads of sites that list them.

Once youve done this, rename all the values in the the file that say guava bubbles to whatever you want your new colour scheme to be.

next, you can change the default picture for this as well by changing background bgimage to the image of your choice, any jpg will do as long as its 220x340 pixels in size, but the picture must be saved in the same directory as the scheme file.

Now save as the name you want (make sure its saved as 'newname'.scheme.xml and not as a notepad file) and copy this file and your picture file into device/application data/home.

You should now have a new home screen that can be seleted in the homescreen menu.


The attached silver boxes scheme is one i did myself using this method, feel free to use it.

by the way, if anyone knows how to change the botomm and top menu bars to solid black, can they please let me know, i can't seem to do it using this method.



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