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Opened phone to install a new housing - now camera is broken

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Hi, I ordered a new hosing from china in eBay and it arrived today, so I carefully disassembled the phone and mounted the new housing, when it was done I tested the phone's components, and all the connections and functions work well, including both screens, speakers, microphone, bluetooth, miniSD slot, and all that.

But when I test the camera, there is something wrong with it, the pictures it takes look greenish, and I did a recheck of all connections and stuff and didn't saw anything wrong.

The videos and the photo preview looks greenish too. I did a search on the forum and saw a post from a user that has this same problem with his camera, but nobody answered him.

I attached a picture that shows the problem.

Any ideas? hope i didn't broke the camera.


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Did you pull the cable and not the lens?


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Hi, I have same problem,

The solution is somewhere in the bottom part of the phone. (The cable between flip and phone) When I press (a lot) the upper part of the phone (above up cursor key), the image quality is much more better. If I release the pressure, camera image is crappy and noisy or blank.

I had dissasembled the flip and searched bad contact in the camera connector, but it is not there...

For disassembling the bottom part of the phone I need to get better tool (than knife) to open it. :-)

Pls excuse my english.

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If it is the same problem it sounds like a poor connection.

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