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TAPI Mio A701 no sound problem

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I have a problem using the TAPI on my Mio A701. The telephone call is coming through as usual but when I answer there is no sound working in either speaker or mic. I'm using the latest Mio firmware downloaded yesterday.

I've been dumping phoneGetHookSwitch() but the value is always zero(return value is also 0). On a working Qtek S200 this value is always valid.

Also when reading phoneGetStatus I get strange values on dwHandsetVolume that is different from the values read from phoneGetVolume which by the way corresponds to the value set with phoneSetVolume.

The same software is currently running on Qtek 2020i, Qtek S200, HP6815 etc with success so it should not be a standard problem.

Anyone with positive experience on TAPI on the A701 that could help me out?



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if you ever used headphones, disconnect and wiggle the plug and you'll see the display flash from normal to headset and back and forth several times and keep pushing buttons while you do it. I flashed my phone with new rom and everything and nothing worked. i read to play with the plug while it is in the phone on a post and it freakin worked! i have sound again after over 2 months with no sound. I've just been using the bluetooth. pass the word please. . . this was a huge headache!

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