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750v reliability - your views

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having originally been interested in a MDA Vario II, I am totally put off by the shedloads of reports on its frequent crashes (several times a day?!). My old phone, albeit totally devoid of features, "crashes" perhaps once a month, and I'd like to keep it that way with the new smartphone I am looking to buy. :)

The 750v seems like a good alternative from what I have seen in this forum - few posts on crashes or problems/bugs, WinMobile, reasonably sized keyboard. I know: it uses activesync, but you can't have it all, right?! <_<

... Any particular gripes people have with the handset? Anything that could potentially be a show stopper?

I'd be grateful for any input!



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I've been using my Treo 750V for about 6 weeks now. Finding it very stable and performs very well indeed. Palms little tweeks make using the device as a phone second to none.

I wrote some of my thoughts down about this handset on my blog:


I would recommend it for sure.

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i was dumb enough to sign up to a new orange contract, and took the M3100 with it, which is the same as the Vario II. Really a great handset, the only problem i had with it was that the slide keypad didn't do it for me, i prefer one-handed texting with a keypad not a touch screen. So after much wheeling and dealing i sold the M3100 and bought an almost new 750v off eBay, as i'd been waiting for it for yonks. It really is a great little phone, fantastic form factor and i'd never gotten to use WM5 much before, which is great too. I find it's a little bit of a battery hog, but i can live with that. :)

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