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Outlook Custom Forms & Win Mobile 5

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Has anyone been successful at using Outlook custom forms on any of the Windows Mobile versions?

Also, has anyone found a way to upgrade an MPX220 to Windows Mobile 2005?

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It's not possible man!! The WM5 can only be installed on the MPx200 but not on the MPx220!! I always thought it's kind of weird but that's how it goes!!

Also....I wouldn't advice installing the WM5 on the MPx even if it was possible!! The MPx220 only has 24MB RAM which is definately lacking for the WM5 (the HTC StarTek has the same features as the MPx220 but has 64MB RAM which makes it the perfect candidate for WM5)!!

I gave up any hope of a ROM or any other version of WM which will actually work on the MPx220!! I think the best option is an upgrade!!

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