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3125 Bluetooth sync with Vista

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My first post on first posters day. Watch out I always win the prize!

After a clean install of Windows Vista on my computer I have successfully sync'd my Cingular 3125 to Outlook via USB.

I have been unable to to do this sync via Bluetooth. I have spent much time and played with countless settings (I broke the USB syncing at one point but fixed it) but it seems that the Windows Vista Mobile Device Center does not see the 3125 when it connects via Bluetooth. I am successfully connecting the phone to the PC via Bluetooth.

Any suggestions on how to sync the 3125 via Bluetooth with Vista?

I had sync'd this 3125 previously via Bluetooth to Windows XP. My ultimate goal is to get back to the setup I had with my MPX220 and BT AutoSync where the phone sync'd via bluetooth automatically every 60 minutes. Right now I'd be happy with a Bluetooth Vista sync.

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update your drivers from bluesoleil

go into bluooth settings and find out which com port it uses for serial port.

without yur ppc connected (by BT or USB) go into WMDC and goto connection sttings, select the relevant com port number from the list (NOT"bluetooth"!).

open actvesync on the ppc, goto menu,connect via bletooth...

agree to set up a connection

then pair your device.

if you hav followed above instructins, the available ser4vices should include "activesync" and not"serial port" - ensure this is ticked.

run activesyn on ppc and chose menu, connect va bluetooth - should now work!


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That was quite a long time ago. I now use a laptop with a bluetooth module built in. Vista recognizes the device and bluetooth synchronization is very easy.

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