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Error 502 Bad Request

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Hi, I am new at this. This is my first post in this forum. I have a Qtek 8500 and I am with T-Mobile USA. I love my Qtek 8500 like many of you who love your version of the strtrk, but I keep having problems with web access. I Have what seems to be the latest Rom Accessing the web through Internet Explorer was fine until I accessed the web using Mobipocket RSS news feeds. After that I cannot access the web using Internet Explorer. Whenever I click on any of my favorites, I get a message saying "Error 502 Bad request could not resolve your request for uri: http:// etc." For similar reasons and problems with other web-accessing programs I solved the problem by hard-reseting the phone, but that is getting to be a pain. What can I do short of hard=resets? Please help? Thanks one and all.

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