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Slow opening of Windows folder in File Explorer

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I just got my new M700, and an excellent device it is too!

GPS works 'out of the box' even without the GPS cpl enabled. As always of course, TomTom won't recognise the WM5 GPS Intermediary Driver, so either you have to open a GPSID aware app first (Cameraware is ideal for this!) or set the GPS Settings in TomTom to the hardware GPS port.

Using File Explorer, I've found that opening the Windows folder takes in the default 'Name Order' takes about 15 seconds (or 20 with 'show all files' selected), and even after opening Windows/Subfolders, recursing takes just as long. This is compared to all my other WM devices which open the folder in about 2-3 seconds.

Asking colleauges on 4WinMobile confirmed that the HTC 3600 is the same, but the Dopod 810 (same device) is OK- opening Windows in Name order takes 2 seconds.

Interestingly, setting the sort order to size or date returns to the Windows folder opening in about 2 seconds, but sorting on File Type takes 18 seconds.

Does this signify a fault in the ROM with regard to filename indexing?

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I've got the same problem on my M700 - takes an age in Windows directory.

Edit: just tried by date, how bizarre - works in 2 seconds!!!!

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