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weak cell reception

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I have only had the SPL for a week now and i find the reception terrible. Sound quality is good, but this is the only phone i have ever had that doesnt work in my home ;) my wifes razor has 3 bars signal strength at home, my spl goes between "searching" and 1 bar ?????

any tweaks for this? anypne have similar experience?


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Hey, i'm not sure if my problem is related or not to be honest....

My SPL worked fine for 3 months, but whilst I was using it the last week it randonly started to say 'searching' instead of the name of the network...but instead of flicking between the network and searching display like yours, mine just permanently says searching. I know it has nothing to do with signal strength because the same sim card works fine in my old SPV C600...

I've no idea how you'd go about fixing that...i'm going to get onto i-mate and see what the process is...in an ideal world they'd replace my phone with a new one, i'd wait for the SPL upgrade to WM 6 to come out, install it, and sell a brand new SPL with 6.0 on e-bay before getting myself a sexy new HTC Vox when it eventually comes out! Really have lost patience with this phone, it's wonderfull in some ways but then just absolutely dire in others...and the whole thing of not including a task manager, whoever decided that was a good move needs firing! Likewise the genius who put in such a slow processor and made the thing near enough unusable after you've opened a couple applications

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