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PushEffect Push Email Messaging Add-On for Gmail, Yahoo, ISP, POP3, IMAP for SP & PPC

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Great new application just released for WM5 SmartPhones and PPC called PushEffect. I downloaded a 7 day trial, installed it on my Moto Q, now I've got push mail from Gmail! and it really works well.

This thing is an add-on for Messaging. It sits running in the background and "monitors" all your email accounts in Messaging. You have to set up a "hidden" SMS which gets forwarded to your phone from the mail server.

When PushEffect "sees" this hidden SMS from the server, it has Messaging download the message. It does this in the background, and it's quick! It was faster than my hosted Exchange account!

My guess is that it will work with any mail server which can forward a new message as an SMS to your phone. Should work with most WM5 SmartPhones or PPC's.

It adds a whole slew of other features (the auto send and pop up notifications were awesome!), I copied this from the company's web site www.qorefunctions.com (I guess it's pronounced "corefunctions"?):

Adds New Features to the Messaging Application

Push-Style Automatic Message Retrieval

Keep Your EXISTING Email Account

Messages Arrive Within Seconds (No More Scheduled Send/Receive)

Works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail Plus, most ISP, POP3, IMAP Accounts*

Monitors Multiple Accounts Simultaneously (Personal, Work, etc.)

Exchange Server/imap IDLE Server NOT required

No Need to Keep PC Turned On to use as Redirector

Automatically Sends Messages (No More Send/Receive)

1 Click Download of Attachments/Rest of Message (No More Send/Receive)

Notification Window for New Messages (Like Caller ID for Email - All Accounts including Outlook)

User Selectable Sound for New Messages (All Accounts Including Outlook)

Optional Vibration for New Messages (All Accounts Including Outlook)

User Selectable Sleep Period (So You Won't Be Disturbed!)

Small Application Runs Directly on Device

NO Monthly Server Fees

Check it out, been using it all day with an ISP and Gmail account and I get my messages almost instantly!"

More information can be found at the company's site www.qorefunctions.com

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