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Please help me ... my jamin need help

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Good day Guys ..

I had bought used jamin from about month and it was working perfectly ..

but i hadn't the headset of it it was lost by the old owner ...

so i tryied a nokia headset (wired) and it was working propely ... But the mic was not it was using the mic of the i-mat ... anyway i was using the headset only for lestening to songs thats all ..

Today this nokia headset was pluged in in my jamin ... and i slept then when i wake up i unpluged it and try to make a call ... i didn't hear any thing and the one who i was talking to wasn't hearing me ( seems that mic wasn't working ) ... i tryied to use speaker it by pressing speaker on in the the phone touch screen but it wasn't working as if the head set still pluged in then i tryied to call through the headset i heard the man ... but he didn't hear me again ( mic also not working ) seems that there is a problem in the headset socket ...

- i had made soft and hard reset but doesn't work also ...

- When somebody call me ... the speaker works welll ... so there is no problem with speaker

any one can help me ??

really i need heeeeelp plss ;)

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i have had similar problems.

i think someone reported ages ago a problem with a tiny microswitch within the headphone socket. this is normally responsible for the switching between headset and normal modes. it is apparently not alwasy working on plugging/unplugging your headset. others have reprted fiddling with it with a paerclip or something, with some success.

i would recommend getting yourself a pair of bluetooth headphones and not bothering with cables anymore!


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