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first evening with a graphite

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Left my phone on a train on boxing day and I've been holding out for the graphite. Phoning the upgrade line every week, visiting their shops wherever I end up, all over the country. Today in Brighton they showed me a spreadsheet that shows all the stores and what stock they have. He changed the filter and showed me all the stores that had taken delivery (loads got them on the 7th March!) and so I went to the one on Victoria St. London on my way home. I won a 2GB £11 transflash card that was waiting on my doormat.

Its got a lovely feel to it, big hang up and dial buttons. After owning htc devices for so long (I even bought a gimmicky Lobster) this is my first deviation.

Its only got three buttons on the sides of it and two of them are volup and voldown. The other one is the camera. Thats it. Mahes it feel nice only having three.

The power button is on the front.

The joystick feels lovely. It is the business. Very positive, solid action to it. It feels like a gamer's joystick as it moves smoothly through 360° beautifully analogue. Wiggling it doesn't wake up the backlight.

The light in the power button uses different colours to htc. Red is charging, quick blue-green is wifi on

3G ? don't care. It has wifi. The wifi works a treat, as expected.

TCPMP's settings page has two extra sets of settings ... DirectDraw and Intel XScale. Yay, I watch a lot of stuff on my phone, ca

No shortcut. I found this in\WIndows\WManager.exe


if anyone's interested, I'll be here for questions tomorrow, thursday


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