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ActiveSync var WiFi connection.

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I wonder is it possible to ActiveSync with desktop by WiFi connection?? (Without any Exchange Server, just plain desktop ActiveSync and Outlook)

I can only do ActiveSync by Bluetooth setup now to my desktop, but Wifi connection seems way faster and has a better range tho...

And another question:

For Activesyncing with an Exchange server, like mail2web live service, is GPRS/UTMS connection the only option?

I tried to setup an account with mail2web and would like to sync var Wifi (I did made sure Wifi connection is on and active), but O2Graphite still tries to connect to UTMS data connection instead of Wifi connection... ("G" Icon shows up, and data only went thur the UTMS data connection...)



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page one, paragraph one of the activesync help file says:

"you cannot synchronize remotely to a PC using a modem or network connection."

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Thanks, I must be confused by my searches...

like, http://www.wifizard.com/tutorialsXP/sync/index.htm ;)

There was a time when you could sync via wireless but MS removed it from any version of activesync from version 4 onwards., aledgedly due to feedback from enterprise users. See the overview section on this page http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en

You could try and find a copy of 3.8 or 3.9 and see if it will work with your device. The other options are to sync your outlook is to instal MS mobile information server and run your own exchange server or go for Windows vista and the new mobile device manager which will allow you to use bluetooth to sync.

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