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M600 Can't open messages bug!!

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My M600 ever so often prevents me from opening messages.

the phone doesn't apppear to have locked up as everything else works, I hear an audible Click when I select messages either form the Start Menu or the desktop messages box. It just clicks but doesn't open.

The only way to get it working again, is to take the battery out (and remove the memory card) and reboot.

Wouldnt be such a pain if it didn't take an hour to boot up properly!!

Thanks guys

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My Universal ocasionally does the same thing but a soft boot usually does the trick rather than removing the battery. I think it usually happens when I receive another text at the same time or if I try opening it as soon as it arrives (maybe it hasn't properly written to the memory card or something) and very occasionally, when I do reboot I find I've lost the message completely, which is a real pain!

So, no solution, but just my experiences, sorry.

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