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hi, are all the universal versions all possible to rom upgrade?

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i am deciding which universal to buy and it is quite hard as there are so many versions.

are they all able to upgrade to WM6?

and would this debrand them?


Although there is no official version of MS WM6 for the Uni, there are many cooked roms to be had. They will all debrand and unlock for free.

For more info, search here, and on xda developers and over at buzz devs site too.

Great ppc unit, still love mine after 18 months of use.


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There are no legal versions of WM6 and therefore it is not allowed to be discussed here.

Even if it was my guess would be that just installing WM6 neither competly debrands or unlocks a universal but only the Orange (M5000) and T-Mob (MDAPro) are locked AFAIK and the only btanding left would be the initial splash screen and the device itself )different colours / logo etc) BUT you are not allowed to discuss it here unloike at xda-developers where there are extensive discussions on the subject..

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