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Floppy Disk Drive Adaptor

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I bought myself a new pc yesterday knowing that there was no floppy disk drive built into it so I figured I would just install the floppy drive from my old pc.

So I opened up the casing and looked at the motherboard and I noticed that there was no 34-pin floppy ribbon cable on the main ribbon cable and that there was no socket for this specific cable either?

This is quite annoying as I do use the floppy disk drive to export midi files and for the music keyboards we use at school for when I compose.

So it looks like I cant add this floppy drive, so my question is can you buy a ribbon cable with the 34-pin floppy ribbon cable added onto it or can you purchase some form of USB adapter that will convert the 34-pin floppy ribbon cable too USB?

I really fancy having it internal which is why I dont want to buy an external USB floppy drive.



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