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Cant get headset working

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A few weeks ago i tested a a Motorola A2DP headset with my Qtek 8500. Music and system sounds play perfectly, but for some reason, when making calls, there is no sound at all, and the person on the other end doesnt hear me either, regardless if im talking into the phone or to the headset. I Figured this was a fault with the Motorola Headset. But today, i got myself a Nokia BH-501, and the same problem is still there.

Please, can anyone help? Ive tried with my HTC TyTN as well, but the same damn thing occurs with that one too!


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Alittle update (been using my entire day on this)!

I tried to use just a regular Plantronics Discovery 655 with my phone, and guess what? It didnt work either. So the problem is not A2DP related. I then reset my phone to factory settings and tried again. Still no luck!

I really dont get this!

I make\recieve a call, i answer (either with the phone or by pressing the button on the handsfree), the handsfree makes a little beep to confirm that the call has been answered, but no sound. Not from the phone's speaker, and not from the handsfree either.

Anyone? Please!

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I do have the same problem, but with the original headset!!!!

I posted my problem in here http://www.modaco.com/Qtek-8500-Low-Microphone-t256095.html

I can hear the other person speaking, but (s)he doesn't hear me. I found this problem earlier today, while I was in tram. It really pis*ed us both off, because it was international call.

All I have to do is to accept the call, and quickly unplug the headset. But I must accept it by opening the phone, not pressing the headsed button. If I press the button and unplug the button, the call ends. So I figured out, I have to open the phone-accept the call, and then remove the headset. Then it works.

I have original Qtek ROM. Can I ask which one do you have? Something tells me, that this isn't a registry error... I think it must be some hardware error, or something really HTC HarDCoded....

And yes - the same problem even after master reset!

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