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orange world access via wifi

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it is possible to access orange world via wifi on the m700 i tried last night, and got this site requires an orange phone to view this site, guess what i have an orange phone :-)

Does anyone also know if the evening and weekends data free for the first 2 months kick in straight away, i have upgraded, so although the billing will be different, do i get the new tariff straight away

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It most probably determining who you are by your IP address. Using Wi-Fi will offer a different IP to that of the Orange Network - this is when you will get told to use an Ornage phone - in other words, you need to use GPRS / 3G.

I think.


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That is correct, but it is actually the server side where the differentiation comes. The Orange World stuff is only on Orange's dedicated servers (equivalent to the old WAP system) so accessing via WiFi uses your Braodband suppliers servers, which don't have links to Orange World (other than to throw up the 'Connect via Orange' message)

So, you must connect via 3G/GPRS or an Orange Hotspot.

The 2 months free acccess starts immediately; you will get an SMS near the end requiring you to cancel if you don't wanht it to continue. If upgrading, you need to ask CS when the new Tariff starts, with the free Internet access

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