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Problem with notifications-alarms

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Recently, I found out, that most meetings which are 2 days later than today, don't show up in the notification queue and therefore an alarm isn't launched. It works for tomorrow meetings/actions, but not for 2 days and later. I tried hard reset, also PC outlook cleanup. No change at all. I tried even hard reset, NO SYNC, installed app from card to check the notification queue and made a meeting in the calendar - again no notification. Pretty weird, it sucks ass..

But what's weird, when I synch via ActiveSync, sometimes the notifications are erased and new are set up. So it's a problem with the phone...

Example: Today is 15.4.2007. I set appointment in calendar for 16.4.2007. Time will be from 11:45-13:20. And I want reminder 5 minutes before, so 11:40. After saving,

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