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Why is GPS not showing in Connections?

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GPS is not technically a 'Connection' so it won't appear.

The GPS receiver is set to switch on automatically when an application calls it- either by a direct call to the COM9 hardware port, or via the Windows Mobile Software port. Some programs (eg TomTom) can't open the software port, so have to be set for COM9; others can use the Software port, but can't use the default COM setting (GPD1 on the SPV M700); in that case you need to make the GPS Control panel visible to make changes- there are lots of posts on that subject!

All GPS software will have a configuration or Status screen- once you install something appropriate, you will be able to see the GPS status, but as supplied, there is no GPS software on some of the Trinity variants.

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Makes sense I guess... Thanks for your help.

if you want gps menu, wisbar advance desktop can create a shortcut to it


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I used this solution with a registry editor, and it works great!

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings

1. Delete the DWORD marked Hide (if present)

2. Delete the DWORD marked Redirect (if present)

3. Add a DWORD called Group and give it a value of 2

4. Soft reset the device.


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