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Adding new bundles to T-Mobile Flext

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I'm off on holiday in a couple of weeks, so I was looking at info (and threads here) on ways to minimise the cost.

I noticed that in "My T-Mobile" I could have 55 holiday minutes for £0 and 30 Holiday SMS for £0. Great!

But it appears that they add an "admin charge" for every change!

International Option = £2.50 per month

55 Holiday minutes = £0, plus £21.28 (plus VAT)

30 Holiday minutes = £0, plus £12.77 (plus VAT)

90 Holiday texts = £0, plus £17.02 (plus VAT)

35 Holiday texts = £0, plus £8.51 (plus VAT)

Any one else get this?

Seems like an odd way to do it, and I don't want to find that I can only use the minutes one-at-a-time and only in Croatia or some such bizarre restrictions?

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I think you'll find that the £0 entries are the monthly charge rates and the "admin charge" is just the price you pay for your one off holiday packs. It could be slightly clearer but as most add-ons from tmobile are monthly charges this is probably the best way for them to add one off packs to their system.

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