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Message Button on HTC MTeoR (Breeze, dopod 595 etc.)

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Dear all,

Can someone please tell me the trigger/ID for the device specific "Message Button" (the one with the envelope symbol) on the HTC MTeoR.

just as the "trigger shortcut" ID for the IE-Button is "Short_POC.ink" and "Long_POC.lnk" there must also be a HTC specific ID for the Messaging button on the HTC MTeoR.

I know the "Short_POC.ink" and "Long_POC.lnk" is not in the \Windows folder by default*, but can be added including the shortcut/path to an application free of choice.

(*at least not in AKU 3.3.1)

I have been googling for days now.....

Best Regards


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