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New Orange Data Offerings?

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I'm lucky, I use a LOT of data but Flext35 gives me more texts and data than I'll ever use so that plus W'n'W plus = £47.50 - less 23% costs me £35.63 for all my needs :) I'm very happy with T-Mob, but I'm not an Ubber texter like u. Hopefully you'll find Flext50 enough.

Good luck.

Thanks Confucius.

As you might tell, I am still planning on staying with them, as fulfilling my needs correctly or not, they are the closest thing to it. It's just a shame that it's not what they promised, which WOULD have been exactly my ideal all round package.

Additionally, it's certainly a shame that Porting your number IN to a network, and thus in effect, at the very start of the 'relationship' if I can call it that, you are at your most angry and disappointed towards that network... not the way to start things off.

I also know for a fact that come upgrade time, I am going to have to argue tooth and nail with them that I can keep my 25% discount, whilst getting a new handset free, but at least it's in my notes to back it up.

What I am sure they WILL still do however, is insist I move over to the current user terms for Web n Walk, instead of the original early adopter terms that were more favourable.

They will slip that change in by the back door I have no doubt.

Oh well, no one ever said shopping for the best mobile deal was easy...


I still think T-Mobile are the best - and funnily enough, to say that, DESPITE everything they have done to me today, I reckon that just goes to show how good T-Mobile really must be, to still come out the best for me, after all that.

Mmmmm. Strange world isn't it.

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Just an update, and I promise to do it in a manner whereby I don't appear to gloat, as after all, I have one of the members on here, Sppok, to thank in part!.

Well my number port went through on Monday, and I am now with T-Mobile on my key number.

But after various calls to them over my 'problem' in terms of what they originally promised before I ported in, with no real result, I sent them a lengthy email about all this.

I woke this morning to find a voice message on my phone from T-Mobile Customer Relations, stating that they would call back at around 10am.

At exactly 10am I got a phone call from a friendly CS lad in Email Support team.

He asked me, in my own words, to briefly summarise what had happened again.

When I was finished, he asked me to confirm, that what I was aiming for, as indicated to me originally, was for my 25% to stay on, as well as to be able to go over to Free Evening and Weekend Calls too.

I said yes.

So he then said that it was also suggested to me that the N95 would be free when I was due for upgrade, and I told him that was correct.

So he asked me, if, as a way of resolving this, I would be happy to accept:

  • A new N95 sent out to arrive tomorrow (TWO MONTHS before I am entitled to normally upgrade)
  • Keep my 25% Discount
  • Also have Free Evening and Weekend Calls added.

In return, as this is classed as an early upgrade, I agree to stay for another 18 month term.

Absolutely no prizes for guessing what I said to him!!!!

The only stumbler, was that when he tried to add the Evening and Weekend Calls 'bonus' he found he couldn't because of the existing 25% dicount for life on my account - so what has been said previous about not being able to apply TWO to an acocunt is clearly correct.

HOWEVER, he asked me, if I would be ok with him getting around this, by removing the 25% feature, but ADDING an ongoing permanent £14.50 LOYALTY discount to my account instead - this being what 25% equates to against a Flext 50 + WnW tariff.

I was more than happy to do this.

The only issue is that if I tariff change UPWARDS, this will be less than 25% I would normally get. But if I change DOWN (after 6 months) this would be MORE than a 25% discount (and this is the more likely route, if any, I would take).

As Flext 75 is way out of my price league, I am more than happy for this, as he has added it to my notes, so that when I do eventually next Upgrade, these elements can be explained and kept again.

So I am a very happy bunny.

BUT... I need to point out something - it was made clear to me that the key reason for this was both the misinformation, and moreover, the Number Port already completed - which made T-Mobile's position in this specific individual case, that much more difficult (as they couldn't 'give me back' my number without my T-Mobile account closing 2 months early either as it would be left with no number for it).

Were it not for my number port already completed, and the wrong info I was given, I have no doubts the outcome for me would not have been anything like as good.

But thanks to Spook's help, I now have a new N95 arriving tomorrow TWO MONTHS early, Free Evening and Weekend calls added to my account, and a loyalty dicount of £14.50 a month to equate to the 25% discount I was on, also added each month.

So I am grateful to him, and grateful to T-Mobile.

And keeping with the topic of this thread, more than happy I did not elect to go to Orange, especially given their poor Data Offering.

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T CS is excellent and they do have a habit of sorting things out to people's satisfaction. I have no complaints and it seems like you don't either now!

Result :)

Well done.

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T CS is excellent and they do have a habit of sorting things out to people's satisfaction. I have no complaints and it seems like you don't either now!

Result :)

Well done.


Thanks for the info and help too Confucious.

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