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File Name: Sqij

File Submitter: Sqij Communications

File Submitted: 20 Apr 2007

File Category: Tools - Productivity

The SQIJ platform enables your Windows Mobile Smartphone to employ ANY mobile-optmized applet. Current applets include:

* A general RSS News Reader.

* An easy-to-use weather forecast (worldwide)

* PUSH email notifications on your normal POP email!

And more...

The program also includes a built-in Instant Messenger, for real-time chats with friends or colleagues. Future applets in the works will enable seamless integration of other chat networks, like AIM and MSN.

Also, for developers: develop your OWN APPLETS, to provide easy access to favourite sites, or information, in the SQIJ mobile-friendly and wireless-friendly way.

Get it all at: Sqij.com

Click here to download this file

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