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Need Help With LCD SCREEN

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Hi there,

I have recently purchased the fantastic HTC Prophet, but the only problem is, the LCD screen doesnt work, i dont know what has caused it but i just cant seem to find any info on the problem anywhere on the net, it would be a real big help if anyone could help me solve this, the phone works perfectly, when you switch it on the backlight come on but screen is blank, also when you turn off it also makes the noise which indicates that the phone does actually work, the only problem is the lcd screen.

Can anyone help me, if so it would be a real big help.



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Do you see anything when you soft-reset the phone?

If not then it's a hardware problem & you need to replace the LCD (costs about $60 - check eBay)

If you can see the manufacturer logo on startup then it's a software problem - reinstall & it'll be fixed.

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