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In car cradle

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Has anyone any suggestions for an in car cradle for this device, want to be able to see the GPS with windows live or Google maps while driving.

all the best


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I have just purchased and fitted a Brodit proclip and holder for my XDA Orbit (HTC P3300/Artemis). So far I couldn't be happier!!

In the past I have bought MANY vent mounts, all of which either move around and/or break soon after purchase. The other option of a windscreen/dash suction mounts is OK, but I find they block my vision whilst driving. I also find that the ratchet system used to hold a device firmly often wears out over time and the arms start to slip - no longer holding the device securely in place.

The Brodit proclip (mount) and holder are the best option I have found in years of buying mounts. I put this down to the fact that unlike other 'general purpose' mounts, Brodit make a solution that is totally unique to you.

They have created a range of proclips (mounts) for almost every type of car - with several options for each car (vent/centre dash/console) so you can choose the one that fits your vehicle perfectly AND that suits your preference of position. To make it even better the proclip is fitted with no drilling or screws so you don't damage your car. It is held rock solid by slotting into sections of the dash that you lift up with a supplied tool during fitting. The instructions are very simple to follow and you can fit it in a matter of minutes!

With the proclip in place, you have a solid platform to mount the holder to. With the proclip and holder being custom to your car AND device you get a perfect fit every time!

The only downside to the Brodit range is the cost. They are not the cheapest out there by any means (I have just paid £38 for the proclip and holder) BUT with the custom fit, the quality of the product and the overall usability of my new mount I can confidently say that the higher cost is WELL worth it.

Another way I can justify the cost is to consider how much I would spend replacing cheaper (£10-£20) mounts as they broke. I went through several mounts in the last year so spent almost the same as I have just done on my Brodit setup.

Where can you get them from I hear you ask??

Check out http://www.dsldevelopments.com

You can choose your device and vehicle in step 1 and 2 in the top centre of the page.

There is also a video showing how easy they are to fit here http://www.dsldevelopments.com/brodit/Brod...ction_Video.asp

I hope I have helped you find the perfect solution for your mount problem.


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