Google maps, no gps, no system gps program? Found WM6 GPS program

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Harsha KM    0

Hi All,

I have a HTC P3300 GPS Pocket PC. It has an in-built GPS device with Windows Mobile 6 Installed. I have no options on GPS in control panel or anywhere.

Tried with some programs like GPSViewer, GPSGate, MapKingR12, Google Maps, etc. etc.. Everybody refuse to detect my GPS.

My Sales package CD comes with GPSViewer and MapKingR12 eventhough their website says TomTom. I do not have much idea on GPS devices

If somebody can please help me on enabling Internal GPS to work with Google Maps, it would be great!

Thanks in Advance


Harsha Kodnad

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Joe K    0
Some have PM'ed me so I am just going to attach here instead.

First pair your bluetooth receiver to your VOX phone. Then you will need to add an outgoing com port. You can use any port you want but this tutorial is setup for com 6. Once you have paired your device and enabled the outgoing com port you need to add the following registry keys:

Configure Smartphone for Google Mobile Maps with Bluetooth GPS

Comm Manager: Pair Bluetooth GPS, Enable Outgoing COM Port

1. Bluetooth Settings

2. Devices

3. New

4. "BT GPS", Next

5. Check Serial Port, Done

6. COM Ports

7. New Outgoing Port

8. Select a port, Done

Manually configure WM5 GPS "Intermediate Driver" API Settings with Registry Edits

KEY: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver]

VALUE: "IsEnabled", DWORD set to 1

KEY: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers]

VALUE: "CurrentDriver" STRING set to "BT GPS"

KEY: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\BT GPS]

VALUE: "FriendlyName" STRING set to "BT GPS"

VALUE: "InterfaceType" STRING set to "COMM"

VALUE: "CommPort" STRING set to "COM6:"

That's it! Reset your device and everything should work.

I also attached a self installing cab file that will do the registry keys for you no need to add them by hand.

Also this will enable your gps for windows live as well not just google.

Worked perfectly on my HTC Excalibur (s621) with WM6. EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks!

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galea    0

One of the sole differentiators for Tom Tom has been turn by turn directions. Not any more. I’ve been playing with Google Maps Version Google for Smartphones on my HTC S710 as well as Microsoft Live Search version 3.0.3047.24749 for Smartphones. I must say both have made progress. Both are dependent on having a data plan to get the maps and data. Both have used the idea of client/server to offload the workload of finding routes and the like off to the server. So even on slower hardware they are responsive. Believe it or not the amount of data is small enough to make it practical even on EDGE. They do not require 3G to perform.

• Both integrate with contacts in Windows Mobile and allow you to from an address on the contacts right into the maps. Very kewl. Tom Tom 6 did this but Tom Tom 5 did it very clumsily.

• Both include traffic conditions although I did not play much with them. Neither charge for traffic stuff.

• With the maps/POI/traffic all coming live over the cell network your maps are always as up to date as they can be without having to buy a new version of the maps.

• Both allow storing of favorite locations. Neither seem to allow importing favorites. And you can not enter a location based on GPS coordinates. Neither allow entering favorites from a web site but I can only imagine this will be coming.

• Neither program shows you the your current speed or time to destination as Tom Tom does

• Neither program does audible turn by turn directions

Only down side is you need a data plan which is problematic when you travel. So Tom Tom has a plus here.

Google maps:

Google uses the idea of approx location to find within 1000m even when there is no GPS available. They now do turn by turn directions but don’t do a great job of following as you progress. You can do some location based searches. All in all I have been underwhelmed by Google Maps

Microsoft Live Search:

Microsoft have done a much better job. Turn by turn works very well. The user interface is a little goofy. They really need to do some work on polishing the user interface, but they have the basics much better than Google the only missing item is approx location stuff. MS include local theater listings based on your location as well as other location dependent searches.

I am using an HTC S710 with Dr Gonzo's WM 6.1 with a BT Holux Slim 236 GPS.

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fasco    0

HI there

I just bought a samsung i600 with WM5, and i can´t get any gps software to work.

I used to have a nokia 6600 with tomtom mobile 5 and it worked just fine.

In samsung i tried tom tom mobile 5, tomtom navigator 6, (google maps need a wap connection to your server, so you'r spending a lot of money every time he does an image update), and route66 n7, but none of these seems to work.

Can somebody please tell me witch is the correct version and what are the gps softwares that i can use in this smartphone?

By the way, tomtom mobile 5 seems to work, but the image that apeers is distorted. Is there a way that i can fix this?


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awarner    95

TomTom 5 is technically the correct versino but as your phone displays in landscape it causes a problem.

TomTom did not release version 6 for the Smartphone but I believe there are hacks around on the internet but they could be questionable.

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Confucious    1

What is it with TomTom dropping SmartPhone support and announcing it works on the iPhone but not releasing it? Have they given up on the phone market? Or are you beta teting things you can't tell us about Ash?

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