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3G/GPRS Data Counter for O2 XDA Graphite

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Am looking for some form of GPRS/3G Data counter for phone purchased via O2.co.uk

I note the absence of some applications in a thread below.

I have tried Spb GPRS monitor for SP and Efficasoft SP GPRS Traffic Monitor v3.6 neither of which appear to pick up 3G connections?

Any ideas?

I know some phones come with data counter installed - where could I get a copy of that program?


Oli B

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Finally found Efficasoft Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor (Special Edition) v3.51w

Some recent Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphones establish GPRS connection in a different way that standard version of Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor cannot monitor. This special version v3.51w is especially built to target the issue.

Known supported models

* QTEK 8500, i-mate SmartFlip, Dopod S300, Dopod 710, Orange SPV F600, Cingular 3125

* HTC S310, Orange SPV C100, Dopod 310

* HTC S620, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile MDA Mail, O2 Xda Cosmo, Dopod C720W, Dopod C720, Orange SPV E600

* HTC S710, Vodafone VDA V, Orange SPV E650

* Samsung BlackJack

Note version 3.6 DOES NOT work.

You need v3.51w for the phones above and O2 Graphite/Asus Jupiter

Vesion 3.51w is available from their website - http://www.efficasoft.com/gprsmonitor_w.html

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Yeah I've been using Efficasoft since I got the phone - the only problem is that it includes any MMS you send - which I get for free, but I want to keep travk of my GPRS charges only.

Any other programs out there to try?

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