Paul's guide to... backing up, rebuilding and restoring your SPV M700 ROM

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Thanks for the brilliant walkthough.

I have tried following all the instructions and appear to have rebuild a copy of my Orange ROM - producing a RUU_signed.nbh sized 56,561,646 bytes but I am having a problem checking it works with the phone. When i run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe utility it makes the M700 go into a bootloader? mode - the rainbow screen BUT when this happens the Update software is saying that the phone has been disconnected and ends. To get the phoneback I have to pull the battery on the phone.


The problem was due to having an SD card in on the first reboot - without it reboots fine and works as expected...BUT

I am now having a problem sending any SMS messages - both using my restored WM5 and WM6 roms (I have tried running the UK customisation but it still does not work)

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I need to return my phone back to factory. I have a backup of the orange WM5 rom to install but it still has the non-factory bootloader on it. Is there a way to get back the orange bootloader?



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Er, 0xZZZZZZ is not a valid value!


I know zzzzzz is not a valid value, just using it to represent what I saw on the screen from previous step.  This is what I had :

79.92 M (0.4fec000) TRUEFFS

|          3.06M (0X30fc00) Part00

|           3.44 (0X370000) part01

|          66.38 (0X4260000) Part02

I do not see from the output a line that says FLASHDR.  I saw only values for TRUEFFS.  My device has been unlocked using Olipro's Athena Unlocker before, so wonder if this would make a differenct.

Therefore what I typed in was pdcread -w -d FLASHDR -p Part02 0 0X4260000.

Any idea why I did not see the FLASHDR?

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Good Job, Congratulations Paul.

This procedure worked perfectly for the Eten M700 Glofish ...

1) 'pdocread-w-d FLASHDR-p Part02 0 0x0000000 Part02.raw'

2) 'imgfstodump part02.raw'

but in this dump I don't have all the necessary information, like the registry of the WM6 or the programs pre-installed by Eten and I need it because my purpose to back up the WM6 is available in Brazilian Portuguese that is being asked for a lot of people and after ACER having bought the Eten Corp is not being possible to achieve, they are not giving support and can only be achieved the English ROM.

My idea was to use the ROM in English and replace the entire dump with the version in Portuguese, but it will miss the registry and applications, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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