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T-Mobile Restricting Web n' Walk?

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Hey guys,

I've never had a problem before i tried to logon today (its been a couple of weeks i guess since i last tried though!)

But it now seems when i connect to my N95's Web n' Walk through my mac i'm unable to connect to various things i used to before, for example, i cant connect to MSN, or AIM... I know these aren't in the terms, so they're more than allowed to block, but its still a bit of a pain if they are now blocking it.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Many thanks :rolleyes:


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I very really use MSN on mine tried the other day and couldn't connect - tried again today and can't.

Glad its not just me then.. :rolleyes: Guess they have changed it. £5 more a month for Web n' Walk Plus should work though, right?

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