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Smashed Top Screen

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I have an orange c550 and I bumped into a table corner with it in my pocket and smashed the screen, its the top screen that covers the display thats broken not the display which it still working fine.

Obvious question of can it be easly fixed? Can I get a new screen, is it easy to change? Is it worth doing or should i just get a cheap c600 of ebay??


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Hey sounds like you have cracked the casing.

Its a bit complicated to change the casing but its not that hard however I think you will void your warrenty.

You need a guide like this one.


And the best person to go too for replacements is fluffcat1. I havent seen him active on the forums for a while but hes still selling on ebay for what I think is the fairest prices as you get a whole casing.


You cannot just replace the top screen as its fitted so you will need to replace the front fascia but if its just that item you need then im sure if you pm him or send him a message over ebay he can sort something out for you.

Hope this is useful.


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