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Sony Ericsson

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Ok this might be a Totaly silly question but i can't seem to find any answer to it anywhere else.

can SonyEricsson handsets get Viruses ?? if so are there Antivirus Software for them ? i hit search in Google and come up with some really funny things that say nothing ?? so any advice would be much apreciated.

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It is possible for Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms to get a virus although it is very rare. However with the antivirus software being so good on PC's in the future hackers could try to enter your PC by installing a virus on your smartphone via WiFi and then transferring it via active sync to your PC. Norton have a Mobile Software for Symbian and this week should be releasing a version for Windows Smartphones, see the Symantec Website. I hope this helps you with your question. :rolleyes:

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