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Hi all,

Thanks a lot for this forum, it helped me fix my phone.

I had the famous earphone-spring switch stuck & my phone always tried to use the earphone.

Thanks to the wonderful tutorial from Iain, I managed to open the case & fix problem.

Unfortunatly, something went wrong while using the hot air iron - Now I've no USB connectivity!! :rolleyes: - It's charging but no AS connectivity!

I want to check a component placement.

there is a place for a diode near the USB socket on the PCB - there's no diode on my phone only a silk screen label indicating that a diode should be there - and I think that the hot air iron blow the diode away.

Would anyone please check his phone - post a photo of the PCB on both sides of the USB connection or send a schematic or a circuit diagram for the prophet.

Unfortunatly I don't have a digital camera other than the one on the phone :P

Thanks for yor help



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If anyone is able to open his phone & post a foto of the circuit board near the USB connection (both side!) it'll help me alot!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks in advance


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