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QuickGPS or something similar?

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I'v an Orange SPV M700 (htc trinity) with GPS incorporated, and i want to have something similar to QuickGPS, the one that comes with P3300 HTC (it's called GPSRapido in Spain).

I think my Device gets the SAT position too slow...

I'v tried to copy all the GPSRapido app. files from one P3300 HTC but WM5 tells me that the app. is not certified or signed... i cannot run it.

Thnx in advance. Regards!

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QuickGPS is for the P3300 only, which uses a SirfStar GPS Chipset. The P3600 uses a Qualcomm chip, so can't use the QuickGPS program.

Even if it did, I wouldn't bother! Our tests using a few P3300 devices in different locations show little advantage in TTFF time, and of course adding the overhead in GPRS data usage.

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