SNES emulator that works with the Blackjack!?

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Can any1 explain 2 me in detail how to get the emulator on my Samsung Blackjack? Please no big words and stuff like that... im not all techy and all so i basically just need help doing this...

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I cant for some reason get the emu to show up on my phone at all. I have the blackjack 2 with windows mobile 6, does the windows mobile version matter for the tgetfile? Heres what I have done:

I downloaded the tgetfile and installed it on my phone but a message came up that said it might not work cuz its made for mobile 5. Then I put the emu and 2 roms on my micro sd but nothing will show up anywhere, any ideas?

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Well, I was able to get SNES, NES, Gameboy, and Genesis to work on my phone so I dont know what to say but, I will give you the versions that I have been using. I am using tgetfile for it all and I used a SDA applicator unlocker thing. Also I just added the roms to my storage card (besides the gameboy ones). Make sure you add the emulators and the files used to get them to work to your documents. To open the files go to applications then file explorer and find my documents using that because you can't see the eumlators by just opening my documents for some reason.

SNES= PocketSNES V 1.53 the 2007-10-25 build

Genesis= Picodrive V 0.052

NES= PocketNesterPlus

and finally GB= PocketGnuboy this is the directory I used to set it up \my documents\gameboy save it to there and make an additional folder in there and put all roms there you need more than one rom to play it. EDIT:please run the screen as 160 x 144

I hope that will help alot of other blackjack and blackjack II users getting emu's to work on their phone. :D

EDIT: I forgot to add... some SNES roms do not work




chrono trigger

donkeykong country


final fantasy II

zelda: link to the past

megaman 7

megaman X

Pac-man 2

supermario all stars + world

Non working "Or" cannot support

Megaman X 2

Megaman X 3

Yoshi's Island

Will add more to list as I try more.

quick update: just got FinalBurn to work FTW!

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