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Mysterious Stranger

VDA V1210 VDA IV Asus Graphite build quality

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Got a 2 month old VDA IV faulty ( yes I know it has a 2 year warranty but I can't wait for vodamoan!)

Wouldn't power up or charge. Looking at the battery pins the first one was bent up and not making contact with the battery. Couldn't get anything behind it to pop it out so though I'd pull it to bits. Apologies for pics, taken with a 3125 StrTrk...

Few things to note...

You can just lift up the void sticker with care.

The assembly feels really cheap, poor grade plastics.

The screen and keypad are joined together in a metal shield although they have seperate ribbons to the board.

There is a hole in the chassis and space on the board ( solder pads, no connector) for a camera assembly.

There are 2 aeriel connections on the board although only 1 has a hole through the casing.

Bent the pin back, re-assembled, works fine.






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