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Smitty's Everything Homescreen

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File Name: Smitty's Everything Homescreen

File Submitter: smittyofdhs

File Submitted: 31 May 2007

File Category: QVGA Landscape ( Moto Q )

This home screen includes pretty much every available plugin needed:

Visable Plugins: IconBar, Carrier, Time/Date, Calendar, SMS/Email, Profile, MRU

Hidden Plugins: All Day Event, Missed Calls, Voice Mail, Call Progress, Carrier Cool Text, Oxios Task

Hidden plugins show up when there is a missed call, all day event, vocie mail, tasks that are due, etc....

Also, the first plugin (carrier/date/time) will open the Comm Manager. I purposely made the highlight on carrier to be transparent.

EDIT: Minor Updates, added "(All Day)" to the alldayevent pligin

Click here to download this file

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