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WM6 on the Athena

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Did you post that on here because you want people to donate money to get someone an Athena so they can get WM6 running on it?

What's wrong with waiting for HTC to release the WM6 version that they announced would be available in June? It's not that long to wait now.

A lot providers are going to release official legal versions of WM6 for the Athena anyway, so I don't think it's that necessary to be donating to someone to try and get an illegal version working on it.

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Have HTC announced that WM6 will be available for the Athena in June? Even if it is I doubt if T-Mob will have a version for the Ameo for a few months after that.

I have donated and this is a project I want to succeed - if you don't then that's fine. I am impatient and prefer a "cooked" ROM anyway.

I am pointing out that this project exists - the results of the project will be available to anyone free of charge wether they donate or not. The athena comunity are clubing together to get something donme that we want, no one is forcing anyone to donate but if anyone wants to support the project their support would be appreciated.

The Ameo is crying out for a clean WM6 instalation IMHO but if you are willing to wait (or not upgrade at all) that is your progative, I was just drawing people's attention to it.


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The wait is over people :)

I am now running wm6 on my tmobile uk ameo which is CID AND NETWORK

LOCKED! I am posting this using opera mobile which is running a treat.

Everything about the device is now better I would say maybe 3 times more

comfortable to use than it was before. The speed is great and all the apps i

have installed so far work in exaactly the same way as on wm5.

(no pocket quake maybe i disable gapi or something? i just cant remember ;) )

check the latest posts on xda devs and ask any questions you want :P

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