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Tmobile sda rom replacement

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I have just bought a t-mobile sda and I would like to change the firmware on it to a non tmobile set.

Could someone please give me a few pointers on which firmware would work better and some info on

how to change the firmware. Here is the info that I have from the phone.

t-mobile sda. sim unlocked, application unlocked ???

Tornado ipl 1.00

spc 1.00.0014

Tornado IU

OS 5.1.70 14406.1.1.1


RIL 2.002


I have read some about changing the firmware and radio firmware updates, but Im still a little unsure about how to do it and what files i need to get.. Thanks for any help

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For ROM upgrades and info you are better off looking at xda-developers.com.

You don't say which country you are from, be careful, the US SDA is very different from the European SDA - make sure you get a ROM for your phone or equivelent, xda-devs will have all the info you need but it's well worth reading the forums first to find out the pros and cons.

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