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Vodafone 1605 keylock

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Afternoon all, I must admit im not one for reading manuals with my new gizmo's but i have tried to find the answer to this.

I have just received my vodfone 1605, i believe its the same ppc as the orange m3100. My question is this how can i lock the soft buttons, specificaly the phone dial button, I have attempted to use the lock facility in the settings but this resulted in a total cock up and a call to customer services for my PUK.

Basically i have managed to dial my missus(luckily) with the phone in my pocket and was not aware until i got in the car and it synced with the "blue & me." This is a total of nearly twenty minutes.

Of course normally it would be pretty obvious ive got a call on but with these ppc's there is so much info going on, to make matters worse the screen was showing the today screen so i would have been totally oblivious of the call.

Any help would be absolutely spot on.

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