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SPV C500 doesn't charge the battery

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I own Orange SPV C500 since May. For a month I used to charge it with USB cable connected to PC. But one day it stopped to charge the battery. Now if I connect it, the battery seems to be charging (orange diode shines and the charge-icon appears) but after few seconds it ends and the phone tells me the battery is full charged. If I remove the charger, the battery shows the right state - now about 50%.

I have also wall charger and two spare batteries and it's still the same. I also tried Hard Reset.

Do you have any ideas? Have you ever seen this problem?

I'm not in the UK now so I can't visit Orange shop for a consultation.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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I had this problem too and it turned out to be a duff battery.

regards Joe

Hi Joe, thanks for your reply. It seems you're right. I'm just testing borrowed battery and the phone seems to charge it without a problem. If it's OK during next days I'll buy a new battery.

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