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Bluetooth Question

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My bluetooth CarKit is a Satechi BlueTooth A2DP module that supports wireless music (A2DP) and regular handsfree communication. And transmits the the car stereo via FM modulation.

My last post was about not being able to switch back and forth automatically between the 2 bluetoth profiles with my Dash running WM 6.0. But I found out the reason.

I've tried pairing the device and selecting to use only the wireless stereo profile or the handsfree. When I do this with the handsfree - the device always does a handshake and is auto detected when I'm within range or when I turn on bluetooth. If I only have wireless music profile configured it never does this handshake to autoconnect. Does anyone now how to get the dash to auto handshake while in wireless music profile? I tried with another device and it works withe the Satechi CarKit in wireless music mode so I'm thinking that it is my Dash running WM 6.0 that does not initiate a handshake or receive handshakes while set to wireless music profile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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