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St. Petersburg, Russia – 4th June, 2007

Speereo™ Software UK released updated version of Sapie - Voice Operated Organizer for Windows Mobile 2003/5.0

Speereo Software UK is dedicated to its Vision of the Future – to turn the page of History and provide business men and women with a unique opportunity to get free from stylus and start talking to their PDA’s. Further analysis of Sapie brought Speereo to the conclusion that Sapie is able to support another voice command – Remind Me command. It is a combination of commands to create Appointment and Meeting.

Speereo Software UK is announcing the release of the updated version of Sapie. After careful considerations by our mathematicians and developers SpeereoSoftware UK is introducing the “REMIND ME” Command as part of Sapie Voice Operated Organizer.

“REMIND ME” allows anybody to set up a simple reminder with just 3 easy steps. It works like an alarm clock. You pick up any day, than the hour you wish to hear the reminder on and dictate your comments. Your comment, as usual, can be as long and complete as you like it to be. Record to yourself any detail in full and don’t be frugal with the length of the recording - Sapie is able to memorize anything you will dictate to her. The only limitation you will face is the size of your device’s memory.

It is interesting to know that the comment will be recorded by you in your own voice and your unique emotions and intonation will be preserved by Sapie. You can play the reminder at any time you need it and store it as long as you wish. Also, all the voice files are kept in Sapie’s memory not just like a usual pile of recordings - remember how a Dictaphone works? All the notes are related to a certain specific REMIND ME command! This allows you at any time to find any voice recording you have made by a simple voice order.

In Sapie all the commands can be performed by voice. So, now walking and carrying something in you hand allows you to still enter information in your Organizer without much troubles. From aside it looks like you are talking over a regular phone through a loud speaker mode.

Speereo Software UK still kept the option for anybody to put the voice recorded information into text format (either with stylus on the spot or with a regular keyboard after synchronization). Sapie also can store both voice and text recording at the same time for you.

We invite everybody to come to Sapie’s personal web-page at www.personal-secretary.com and experience the fun of talking to your Organizer!

Sapie, developed by Speereo Software UK, LTD.


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