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HTC s620 Camera problem

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Hi guys, really would appreciate some help on this...

I just got a HTC s620 from shipped from the states (I'm in New Zealand), and I've noticed a problem with the camera.

The first day I got it, I was able to use the camera despite it being a little buggy and it would crash at times...

Since the second day, everytime I try to go to the camera or video recorder app, the app will crash. The little loading symbol comes up for a few seconds and then everything stops. I am able to go back or back to the home screen. I have tried soft resets, multiple hard resets, but nothing works!

It is so frustrating, this is such a great little device, but the camera issue really skunked me!

Do you thinking re-flashing the ROM would help? I am hoping that when WM6 comes out, it would solve my problem...

It's hard to get it serviced as I am overseas!

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If a hard reset has not worked you could be in trouble.

It would be worth trying a ROM upgrade but as the problems was there from day one I would only try an official rom for that model as otherwise you will void you're warrenty.

good luck with it!

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